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finally a UN that can bring peace and happiness to the world

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"Oi….pay attention to me."
"But I wanna get a new high score…."

Tetsuro Kuroo: Twinklee worldcosplay
Kozume Kenma: Nana tumblr | facebook
Photog & Edit: Cateography tumblr | facebook

And special mention to mama Mico for being awesome saikang ~

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Anonymous says: bless kuroo and his damn nice legs and bless him even more for not wearing knee pads so i can get a better look at 'em. can i request, just draw something where his legs are the star


oh and if you can add Kuroo’s back muscles too, they are beautiful hahaha what am i doing ._.

wow i suck

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Created by my friend. Huge thanks for him. This work’s incredible ‘n awesome♥

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guess what came in the mail today

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So you thought that Suga is all hugs and cuddles? Think again ;)

Phew! That is my first gif ever, hope it works fine!

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Daisuga moment:
No wonder why everybody cried that time (denial the truth)

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"it’s not even october yet" i say to myself as i was drawing this